Monday, September 28, 2009

Learning to adapt

I have so much housework to do today, actually, the same housework that hasn't been done for a month now. I started in the kitchen, which is half way done, and decided to take a break. It is so hard for me. I have always been the kind of person who doesn't stop something I've started until I finish. But since getting rheumatoid arthritis, I have had to learn to adapt. It is very difficult for me. I look around my house and see how it looks and all the things I would like to do, and realize I have to do things differently than I used to. Until now I have done nothing or I have done it all in a day and spent the next two days in agonizing pain, while everything I did gets undone and I am right back where I started. I decided that I needed to do a little then take a break, then do a little more. So this blog is my break, and hopefully by the end of the day the kitchen will be done. Although I don't hold out too much hope for that because Megan is home with the flu today and I am about to go sit with her. I will say that I have learned alot in the past year, I have so much more understanding and compassion for people with chronic diseases, they are life changing and I guess you just don't understand unless you have been through it. Everyone has challenges in their lives, this is mine. I hope I am able to adapt my life and be happy with what I CAN do.