Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yes, I am still alive!

Okay, so I have recently discoverd that I am really not a computer person. Or for that matter, not really any tech things. I don't know how to use half the features on my cell phone, have to ask jessica to do that for me, not too good with the computer either. Anyway, am good at typing so I will just blog and forget trying to find, download, add pictures and cool stuff, cause it just frustrates me and I can never find what I am looking for. So for Mothers Day I am hoping to get a simple digital camera that takes great pictures and is easy to download to the computer so I can post pics on my blog.

So to catch up, (again), things are good. I love this time of year, the rain, the flowers, the green grass, other than mowing it. But there is one thing that I am starting not to like and that is ducks. We have a pond behind our house and there are lots of ducks who have decided that our pool is nicer than the pond. So everyday I have to chase the ducks out of the pool and clean up the droppings they leave everywhere and get all the feathers out of the skimmer baskets. If anyone knows how to keep ducks out of the pool let me know. . .PLEASE.

The kids are good. Jessica got a really bad sunburn at youth conference on Saturday and has missed the last 2 days of school. It has been a miserable 3 days for her. I've been putting aloe vera gel and vitamin c lotion on her every few hours, but it is blistering and definitely going to peel. I feel so bad for her.

David planned a trip for our anniversary. We are going to Niagra Falls in June. I have never been there and I am really looking forward to going and spending time alone with him. It doesn't seem like 23 years! Its been great at times, trying at times, hard at times, but always worth it! I love you David.


kel said...

Hoo-Rah! jennifer way to go. Enjoyed your post. Maybe a shot gun would solve your duck problem and one of your kids could earn a merit badge of some sort .....hee hee. Of course that was a lame joke, hee hee again, not meant to offend anybody. I actually love ducks and if I had a pool I would invite them in and never bat an eye at the duck yuck which might accompany their visits........I hear it is better than glycolic acid.


marcia@joyismygoal said...

WOw cool you posted Oh if you have time Palmyra is over there too

Shuldberg's in Texas said...

WOW!! Great to hear from you! That will be a great trip. We did that a couple of years ago when we went to Toronto. You will have a blast!!

lizzy-loo said...

all right jennifer, you posted two days ago and i am just seeing it. sorry, shame on me. here is the duck info - rubber snakes placed all around or hang cd's - evidently the glare keeps them away. could be festive?! they have a product in australia called duck be gone but i don't know how you would go about getting it. if all else fails i think the shotgun suggestion is not too bad. some people will do anything to get their eagle badge.

I have a good life said...

Wow. You blogged! :) I LOVE your family picture at the top. It is a really great picture! Love it! :) Sorry about the ducks in the pool. It sounds like a huge pain!

Judith said...

GEt a dog. I could find you one. I am good at that :)